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CCD-MTC bore og fresemaskin

Manual Tool Change
Bungard CNC maskin

Varenr.: BUN-40200

List price: 90.600 ,-  

Pris: 55.000 ,-

(eks. mva.) You save: 35.600 ,- (39%)

The Bungard CCD/MTC is a high quality Computer Controlled Drilling machine with Manual Tool Change. It allows direct processing of Excellon/Sieb&Meyer drill data or HP/GL data for PCB production (drilling, milling, isolation routing) and milling/routing of plastics, aluminium or other metal panels.

Maskinen er nyoverhalt hos leverandøren og oppgradert med siste versjoner av software etc.
Alle slitedeler skiftet.


Technical data:

Power supply: 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz + vacuum cleaner (1500W)
Size: approx. 70 x 80 cm
Required desktop size: approx. 120 x 80 cm
Weight: approx. 32 kg

Computer not included

Extend of delivery:

Mechanics unit
Control unit, full set of cables
High speed, long life spindle with quick stop brake and load control
Manual, semi automatic tool change, 99 out of 99 tools per job
Integral depth limiter and pressure foot
Windows driver software RoutePro 2005 for drilling and routing
Powerful 500-1500 Watt (adjustable) vacuum cleaner, remote controlled

Special features:

Mechanics unit: rigid and flat construction with low moving weights and high quality bearings for high-speed positioning
Machine bed with universal fixture system, suitable for clamp or span fixing or for reference pins (fiducials)
KaVo high precision spindle motor, 150 Watt, 60 000 rpm, with heavy-duty long-life bearings, including 1/8" (3.2 mm) chuck
Software controlled spindle speed. Electronic spindle load control with software feedback
Spindle quick stop (1s) DC brake and speed-up booster
Heavy duty 2x2 phase high-torque stepper motors on all 3 axes for true milling capability and correct tool speed
All X/Y and Z traverse speed, working speed, working depth, spindle rpm and depth iterations individually configured on a per-tool basis, resulting in:
Always adequate cutting speed over the entire spindle RPM range, no need for 100 K rpm spindles, no excessive wear to costly spindle bearings
Standard travel area: 325 x 495 x 37 mm (larger machines available)
Quick manual tool change by turning a knob, with machine position locked, no recalibration of height required
Smallest tool diameter: 0.1 mm (micro end mill at 60 000 rpm)
Max. hole diameter: infinite
Integral depth limiting device for isolation milling and engraving on uneven surfaces, work level setting by Z stepper motor, depth fine adjustment with micrometer screw
Removable, spring-load pressure foot for drillng of flexible and uneven PCBs
Stack processing of several boards at once (typical stack: three 1.6 mm thick boards plus one underlay/base sheet)
Working depth not limited by depth sensor, only by tool flute length (standard: 5..10 mm)
Uses all common PCB drills/mills with 1/8" shank, with industry-standard length setting by collar
Board fixture by "fiducials" possible at no extra cost, using standard base sheet material
Possibility of mounting boards to machine zero point. Clamp fixing devices included with machine, span fixing for heavy-duty milling is possible
Vacuum board fixation not recommended due to problems with board penetration by drilling
Stand alone control unit connects to all standard PCs with 1 free USB or serial port
Fully integrated Windows (98..XP) driver software for Excellon, Sieb&Meyer or HP/GL data for real-time, on-line machine control, with comfortable user interface, including full tool management and plausibility control
All machine parameters (speeds, acceleration ramps, X/Y/Z dimensions, scaling) software controlled and configurable
Easy to use teach-in feature for drill data
Step definition: Software selectable: 1 mil, 1/2 mil, 1/4 mil (= 6.35 micrometer)
Resolution: 0.1 mil (= 2.54 micrometer)
Precision +/- 1 step
Positioning accurracy over entire workspace: 20 ppm (0.002%)
Maximum traverse speed per axis: 130 mm/s
Maximum working speed per axis: 130 mm/s, individual setting on a per-tool basis, independent from traverse speed
Drill speed: 5 hits/s (=18000 holes per hour)


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