PCB gull kontakt beskytter

Printstivere for å beskytte gullkontakter på PCB i en bølgeloddemaskin
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Gold Fingers Glove - Gloves are "U" shaped fiberglass laminated epoxy channels with .062" ID wide base to fit over the edge of standard circuit boards. Fingers from .250" to .765" long fully sheath edge mounted gold contacts. Channels up to 18" long are made in .030" thickness to provide positive production from the shock and impact of assembly tools. The very high short term heat distortion temperature and long term Class 155C rating plus its ability to meet UL94V-0 tests, enable the glass epoxy to withstand the harsh chemical and temperature environment of wave soldering.


With a minimum of 100 VPM dielectric, gloves are also used as Static Discharge guards to protect live contacts from nearby diode discharge. Spring tension enables guards to cling to the boards through many cycles.

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