Fluss og flusspasta

For soldering of electronic components with THD and SMD by machine.

FELDER ISO-Flux® electronic fluxes are particularly suitable for high-grade manufacturing of commercial electronic. You achieve best soldering results even in case of circuits with mixed component parts. For soft-soldering in electrical engineering, in electrical equipment manufacture and electronic. The FELDER soft-solder fluxes ISO-Flux® "Kolo", "EL" and "E" are very suitable for soldering and tin-plating which will be performed under high temperatures and long soldering periods.


Fluxes for soldering and tin-plating of wire ends, varnished copper wires and selective soldering systems.

FELDER ISO-Flux® wire flux has been especially designed for tin-plating of wire ends, plugs and socket connections and electronic components. It is different from common fluxes in that absolutely partial tin-plating can be performed. The solder will not rise in copper braids with high capillary effect higher than the area where the flux has been applied. The solder is usually applied by dipping


For resoldering of SMD components on PCBs.

ISO-Flux® "EL 3202-A" has been amended to the new conditions in respect to activation and temperature stability as part of the lead-free-conversion and has therefore been optimized for soldering systems Sn/Ag, Sn/Ag/Cu and Sn/Cu. In template printing it is suitable for positioning of components before the soldering process. The flux consistency ensures that components are held in their correct position until the soldering process is completed.

Flussmiddel EL for håndlodding
Velegnet til lodding og fortinning ved høye temperaturer og lang oppvarming.
48 ,-
(eks. mva.)
Flusspasta EL3202-A for SMD og BGA rework
Leveres i 5 ccm og 10ccm sprøyter for dispensering.
154 ,-
(eks. mva.)
Flussmiddel ELR-3420
Skum-fluss, kan også brukes som håndlodde-fluss. Kan brukes som erstatning for CCP-L3.
145 ,-
(eks. mva.)
Kabelfluss KF-32
Til fortinning av kabler, flussen trekker seg ikke opp under isolasjonen.
459 ,-
(eks. mva.)
Flussmiddel ELS-3320-22

Spray-fluss, kan også brukes som skum-fluss. Kan brukes som erstatning for CCP-P770.

573 ,-
(eks. mva.)
Tynner VF-1 for flussmiddel

Tynner for flussmidlene ELR, ELS og ELI.

154 ,-
(eks. mva.)
Felder titreringssett for flussmiddel

Måling av konsentrasjonen av lodde aktivatorene i flussen på grunnlag av syrenivået

2.590 ,-
(eks. mva.)
Flussmiddel EVF-2310

Vannbasert-fluss for bølgelodding, halide free, lead free, no-clean, VOC-free.

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